Sunday, August 2, 2009

Darn Good Green Beans

I’ve been doing these A LA Ozuna style the last couple of times I have made them.  My in-laws make their beans similarly to these.  I have stumbled onto their secret.


Fresh green beans (however many your family eats…I usually do a couple handfuls for me and my husband.  The boys eat carrots)

1/4 c.  Onion (a couple thinly sliced rings chopped up)

2 Tbsp.  Bacon Grease (you could cook some bacon or just use the grease that you have saved from cooking bacon, either way it’s yummy)

1 Tomato diced

mushrooms (1/2 basket chopped)




Heat pan to medium high.  Add bacon grease, onion, and chopped green beans.  Salt to taste.  Cover.  Let cook for a bit, stirring occasionally.  After green beans and onion have cooked down a little (become a little soft), add mushrooms and tomato.  Salt again.  Pepper. Cover.  When beans are cooked but still have a bite to them, and when tomato has cooked down, they are done.

Check the seasoning…add more salt/pepper if needed.


The Dishing Diabetic said...

We will be making these green beans on saturday night! They sound delicious!!!

Joz1234 said...

You can probably also cut down on the bacon grease. My in-laws just cook up a couple slices of bacon to get that grease and cook the beans in with the bacon and onions. You get all the bacon flavor that way with perhaps a little less bacon fat. I looked up the calorie content (not sure about the other stuff in it such as carbs), and a tbsp of bacon fat is the same as 1 tbsp cooking oil. I figured I have lots of bacon fat because we save it in the fridge in a container.